Xerocon 2022! Why does it matter to you?

Last week we spent a couple dates in NOLA at Xerocon with my colleague Donna Bordeaux.  What is Xerocon you ask?  Xero is the modern accounting software we use (none of that desktop stuff for us!).  Not only does Xero help us work efficiently but it also has an open API so it connects with all types of apps.  In fact, Xero encourages their users to use outside apps found in the Xero market place, or build one of their own.   Xero has an extensive market place with apps to fit all kinds of needs.   Many of these app vendors were at Xerocon, so we were able to learn about new apps that help our client’s work better and reconnect with our existing vendors.   Contractor payments are always an issue.  Most need checks instead of ACH and they all want it an hour after they finished the job.  So we went to our resources to find a cost effective solution that’ll keep the line of subs out of your office while you writing checks as fast as you can.   Receipts riding around on the floor of your truck?  We have an app for that!    Want to learn more of how we can help you build an app stack to solve some of your business inefficiencies, schedule some time on my calendar and let’s chat.